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"IQFeed version 4 is a real screamer compared to anything else I have seen." - Comment from Tom
"I like you guys better than *******...much more stable and a whole lot fewer issues." - Comment from Philip
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"I had always used ******* but for the past 2 weeks have been trying DTN IQFeed. Customer support has been extraordinary. They call just to make sure your problem hasn't recurred." - Comment from Public Forum
"I've been using IQFeed 4 in a multi-threaded situation for the last week or two on 2600 symbols or so with 100 simultaneous daily charts, and I have had 100% responsiveness." - Comment from Scott
"You are much better than lawyers or the phone company because you answer the phone when I call! I just love your customer service." - Comment from Isreal
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Last Post: Apr 16, 2010 08:40 AM
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IQFeed Datafeed Wish List » Sub second time resolution on tick timestamps Apr 16, 2010 08:40 AM (Total replies: 1)

It would be helpful for me to have sub-second timestamps on trade data for heavily traded futures.

IQFeed Developer Support » Time and Sales API Apr 16, 2010 08:34 AM (Total replies: 5)

Thanks for the help. I had an error in my code which made it look like I was missing trades.

IQFeed Developer Support » Time and Sales API Apr 14, 2010 09:49 AM (Total replies: 5)

If I am using streaming data, can I get data that closely resembles the historical tick data in realtime?

IQFeed Developer Support » Time and Sales API Apr 14, 2010 09:26 AM (Total replies: 5)

I have the same question. How is this done?

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