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Author Topic: 3rd Mkt $ Vol (2 messages, Page 1 of 1)

-Interested User-
Posts: 83
Joined: Jul 26, 2004

Posted: May 27, 2010 07:52 PM          Msg. 1 of 2
Does anyone have a reason for the high $ volume on the NASD 3rd mkt?
Symbol is DIOT.Z on Interquote and it hit 326 billion today, far higher than I've ever seen it.
My understanding is 3rd mkt is trading among mkt makers directly.

Bud Schoen
Kailua, Hawaii

Stan S
-DTN Guru-
Posts: 256
Joined: Apr 13, 2006

Posted: May 28, 2010 07:22 AM          Msg. 2 of 2
Hi Budshane,

The DIOT.Z is a calculated statistic, there is no volume. I checked our Time & Sales data & dont see any spikes. If you clear the history on DIOT.Z from your PC & reload it from our servers it should correct itself.

Stan S

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