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"I am enjoying the feed very much - so superior to the broker provided feed I was previously using." - Comment from George
"Boy, probably spent a thousand hours trying to get ******* API to work right. And now two hours to have something running with IQFeed. Hmmm, guess I was pretty stupid to fight rather than switch all this time. And have gotten more customer service from you guys already than total from them… in five years." - Comment from Jim
"There is no doubt that IQFeed is the best data provider. I am very satisfied with your services. And IQFeed is the only one that I would recommend to my friends. Now, most of them are using your product in China." - Comment from Zhezhe
"I ran your IQFeed DDE vs. my broker vs. a level II window for some slow-moving options. I would see the level II quote change, then your feed update instantaneously. My broker's DDE, however, would take as much as 30 seconds to update. I am not chasing milliseconds, but half a minute is unacceptable." - Comment from Rob
"Interactive Brokers tick data was inconsistent, so I have switched to using DTN exclusively. It is great to no longer have to worry about my datafeed all day long." - Comment from Philippe
"I've been using IQFeed 4 in a multi-threaded situation for the last week or two on 2600 symbols or so with 100 simultaneous daily charts, and I have had 100% responsiveness." - Comment from Scott
"Very impressed with the quality of your feed - ******* is a real donkey in comparison." - Comment from A.C. via Email
"Thank you so much - awesome feed, awesome service!" - Comment from Greg via Email
"Everything is working great ! Very impressive client. The news refreshes better and is more pertinent than the ******* feed I paid $ 100/month for. I Also like the charts a lot." - Comment from Leon
"Thanks for the great product and support. During this week of high volume trading, my QuoteTracker + IQ Feed setup never missed a beat. Also, thanks for your swiftness in responding to data issues. I was on ******* for a few years before I made the switch over early this year, and wish I had done it a long time ago." - Comment from Ken
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IQFeed Datafeed Wish List » cboe equity only put call ratio Aug 16, 2011 11:44 AM (Total replies: 11)

Having had no update on the forum (!) I made contact with the support desk and think that I have the correct answer as to why the IQ Feed "CBOE" "Equity only" put call ratio is so different to the official ratio. It seems that IQ Feed uses not only single stock options volumes but also the volumes of the SPY and other ETFs and HOLDRs (that the CBOE actually includes in the Index Ratio sub-ratio). On the basis that the whole point of having an equity only ratio is to strip out all the hedging basis that is present in the Total Put/Call ratio (from the inclusion of the index and broad based products) I'm very unclear why they did it this way and they didn't have an answer. I have however formally put in a request for an EQUITY ONLY ratio that matches the CBOE methodology. However, I suspect that it will not be a high priority unless other users make their voice heard......


IQFeed Datafeed Wish List » cboe equity only put call ratio Jul 17, 2011 02:29 PM (Total replies: 11)

I've only just started using the put/call ratios on IQ feed in the last couple of days and I too was puzzled as to why your equity only ratio was so far removed from the official CBOE one. Not sure why you would calculate it that way - your total put/call ratio seems to be the same as the CBOE reason - but would definitely back up the last user's request for an equity only put/call ratio as per the CBOE method. Thanks.


IQFeed Datafeed Wish List » Nikkei Futures Jun 9, 2011 12:23 PM (Total replies: 1)

Do you guys have any plans to add the Osaka traded Nikkei futures? I see a few posts from ages ago but they are still not available - is there still any intention? Cheers Nathan


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