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Data and Content Support » Quarterly Earnings Jan 20, 2005 10:37 AM (Total replies: 65)

Gene: I noticed the same thing. DTN news staff did a much better job. All we poor subscribers can do is beg for the service to be restored and wait patiently -- meantime paying the same fees for a much inferior service.

The service was downgraded suddenly in September 2004 with little or no warning. Then a fix was promised. Now, Jan 2005, the fix has proven to be so completely inadequate that one could say it is not really a good-faith effort. What do you think?

Time to look somewhere else? Got any suggestions?

Cordial best regards,


Data and Content Support » Quarterly Earnings Nov 1, 2004 11:16 PM (Total replies: 65)

Well said, Steve. I agree. We have gone to other (actually much better!) sources. As a wise person told me years ago "Things usually happen for the better -- you just don't know it at the time!" We should have reviewed DTN long ago but laziness got in the way. Now they have forced us to it and I'm kinda glad they did... But I do think a 30 day warning would have been a professional courtesy (rather than just suddenly dropping the service with *no* notice as they did) to allow smooth migration. Truth is, DTN was never a really "professional" service (like Thomson or Bloomberg or the old Quotron), which is fine: it is a public or retail service for sophisticated users who don't mind the fees and don't know how to find the info free on the internet (GOOGLE anyone?) and who don't want the Signal service or PSM Gold. So no hard feelings. I wish them all the best. One more thing for the record: I remember some years ago DTN unilaterally changed the layout of the Company Earnings pages with no warning. I think they took one character out of the name field to make room for the "*" or something and shifted all the remaining fields 1 byte left or right. This crashed the parser I wrote. Yes, I should have done a better job with the parser but hey... I called and got the same kind of answer we're getting now: "tough luck, we know what's best" plus lots'a excuses from a marketing guy (mighta been Jay). I should'a taken this as a warning and migrated away then, but hey... My guess is the earnings pages will never be restored, Jay's promises notwithstanding. Like I say: I wish them all the best...

Data and Content Support » Quarterly Earnings Oct 15, 2004 12:02 AM (Total replies: 65)

Still no news on restoring the corp news service I paid for. Clear breach of contract. Begging won't work. Better Business Bureau complaint disk, here I come...

Data and Content Support » corporate earnings table Oct 14, 2004 11:53 PM (Total replies: 7)

Hey! Jay: Silence on the corp EPS and Sales data table -- not good!

If you have to ASK your new owner (not demand) then this is OUT OF CONTROL! Looks bad to me...

My gut says giv'em enother week to implement the fix. Then I cancel. And will go to small claims court (in your state -- yes I'll get on a plane) for recompense for impaired service, damages and non-performance. Yes, I am a nasty guy when cheated. Sudden and un-announced lowering of the service is a clear breach of contract. I like to go for triple damages, just to teach'em a lesson. Quadruple is good, too...

I'll bet the new owners didn't guess they were buying a non-performance liability, eh? Hence they overpaid, no? I'll bet you sold them the subscriber base and told 'em they could let go the people-intensive newsroom since no one really cared. But no: I care. As do others... I smell class action... Hence they're gonna renogtiate with you. And it won't be up...

Best restore the level of service, pronto. All levels, as paid for, OK? NOW ok?

Get my tone: Humerous but serious. So don't take offense. Just fix it.

Data and Content Support » Quarterly Earnings Oct 11, 2004 07:29 PM (Total replies: 65)

Same here!

Let's give Jay a few days to work on an answer, no?

DTN Satellite Products » Recent changes to news as of 9/20/04 Oct 9, 2004 04:51 AM (Total replies: 10)


You seem to be willing to listen to your customers, judging from the traffic in these forums, so thanks for that! Just 2 comments please (no need to reply) 1) It would have been nice to have known in advance that the company eps and sales data pages were suddenly going to disappear. That they suddenly were not updating was a real puzzle to the non-tech people here and a source of stress for them. But so be it... 2) We would be willing to pay extra to have these pages back just like they were, or better, that is with more coverage and accuracy! Via the internet rather than satellite as now would be cool, too! Via email as an hourly text update would be really cool!! How much per month? I gotta think about that one. Since it is a manual or editorial value-added service, an extra fee would be acceptable to many others as well, I should think. If you get 100 people to pay $50/month extra, that might pay for newsroom staff time, no?

Data and Content Support » corporate earnings table Oct 9, 2004 04:31 AM (Total replies: 7)


Thanks for the attention and reply. The will do 2 of the 3 things we need, so, yes, it is a help -- thank you! 1) Provide EPS data in a timely way and in a tabular format; we can probably write a parser for if we can figure how to work around all the HTML. The DTN table was simple ASCII text which could be written right to disk and so was easy to handle. 2) Alert us that a company report has come out on a given day and so prompt us to go to Yahoo for the full details because we need the reported sales as well which were in the old DTN tables. Plus the DTN tables had last year's same-quarter numbers which was a neat double-check on the data. It was a very nice service. Sorry to see it gone...

DTN Satellite Products » Results of Economic Reports This Week Oct 8, 2004 05:17 PM (Total replies: 2)

Hi to the good people of DTN! Any chance we can have the Company Earnings and Sales news pages back? They were great! That's why we took the service for a decade and were very happy with it. How about ?

Data and Content Support » Quarterly Earnings Oct 8, 2004 05:09 PM (Total replies: 65)

Without the tabular EPS and Sales data, DTN has no use for us, sad to say... After all these (10?) years... Signal would be better, I would think. Or, if you want to spend a lotta cash, Thomson financial for the ultimate.

Data and Content Support » corporate earnings table Oct 8, 2004 05:06 PM (Total replies: 7)

I ABSOLUTELY agree! (Sorry to shout... but DTN has screwed up big-time). I wrote a parser that parsed the table by symbol and extracted only those where I got a match. Then the data was cleaned, reformatted and moved to another systen for further analysis. And I agree: that was the only reason to pay the high DTN fees. When they say "DTN newsroom" I presume the table was assembled by hand by DTN staff from, say, the newswires and other sources. Now that they won't do this for me, then I too must unsubscribe. Let's see what they reply. Maybe there is another source some good person could point us to. The WSJ online has a tablular format, I believe. Then there's also Zacks...

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