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ProphetX Support » Small problems and requests May 13, 2009 10:45 AM (Total replies: 1)

A few minor niggles still outstanding:

If I duplicate a line, under some circumstances the duplicate it is not quite parallel, seems to be when it is over to the far right of the chart sloping downwards.

Very often but not always (hard to identify exactly the circumstances) when I duplicate a line to create a long channel, after saving and reopening the program, one of the channel lines is way off its original location and angle.

The chart keeps sliding about all the time if even slightly off when trying to just grab and move a line. This messes up the auto scaling and during the day I am constantly right clicking the Y axis properties to untick max/min in order to bring back the auto scaling.


Remove title bars completely option.

Window auto arrange both horizontal and vertical eg. 2 up, 2 down

Adjustable margin, upper and lower, on Y axis just like current right margin on X-axis

Improve ease and reliability of auto hide/reveal of context bar (pin/unpin) and option of a single context bar for all visible charts, depending which is selected/active.

ProphetX Support » Phantom bars still there Feb 20, 2009 10:26 AM (Total replies: 4)

Looks like I have sorted it for now by creating a custom session filter and applying it
It should apply for all globex eminis, I'll list it in case anyone else needs it:

Sun 17:00 Mon 15:15 _
Mon 15:30 Mon 16:30 X
Mon 17:00 Tue 15:15 _
Tue 15:30 Tue 16:30 X
Tue 17:00 Wed 15:15 _
Wed 15:30 Wed 16:30 X
Wed 17:00 Thu 15:15 _
Thu 15:30 Thu 16:30 X
Thu 17:00 Fri 15:15 X

There's no way I can see to set up the holiday intraday session hours though at my end.
Seems to be working at your end now anyway and hopefully will for future holidays too.

ProphetX Support » Phantom bars still there Feb 19, 2009 06:30 PM (Total replies: 4)

Thanks for your help Tim. It was fixed once, then reverted when the Feb 16 holiday problem was fixed. The session breaks and holidays on globex are tricky. Check out the good review at elitetrader for prophetx by the way.

ProphetX Support » Phantom bars still there Feb 19, 2009 04:59 AM (Total replies: 4)

Other problems fixed, but now 16.30-17.00 phantom bars where there is no session on the ES.

ProphetX Support » intraday session holiday Feb 18, 2009 09:15 AM (Total replies: 3)

Yes, I'm on the latest Active Trader edition and yes I had selected the options you mentioned. I can see today that the problem has been fixed for that holiday - but, we are back to the phantom bars again (see the earlier 'bar display' thread), only now every day at the 16.30-17.00 break. As a minor point, the hourly bars which had been corrected to start at the top of the hour, today start on the half hour (not important).

Thanks a lot for responding quickly, I actually really like prophetx especially the low resource usage and it is one of the few charting programs that keeps the x-axis correct which is important for the way I trade.

ProphetX Support » intraday session holiday Feb 17, 2009 09:51 AM (Total replies: 3)

Charts incorrect (phantom non-session bars) for Feb 16 holiday session for ES - haven't checked other globex symbols. Here are the correct trading hours:

Also I've noticed some line studies have moved after saving and reopening. I'm not sure of the exact circumstance, it may be to do with duplicating a line to form a channel and/or setting a line on a dense, large chart and then reducing size/density.

ProphetX Support » bar display question Feb 3, 2009 06:02 AM (Total replies: 4)

Thanks. Please put the dragging issue on the request list. Also the bigger line grab points. I think the best way would be to activate dragging only by selecting/highlighting the data series - not just anywhere on the screen. And/or, it might be better if it only worked in the x-axis with the y-axis auto scaled. Or else just a tick box to make it optional.

Another bug:

Custom Y-scale properties get corrupted when saving and reopening a workbook, especially Major/Minor Unit (a great feature). But it's no big deal, I get by just using the default settings.

One more:

When 'fit data to chart' setting is selected and you make changes to the initial chart density, everything gets messed up and properties such as Right Margin lost, if you hit F2 to show/hide the chart toolbar. Part b) to this is I prefer not to use F2 but have to because the auto hide function is difficult to work and often the toolbar will not reappear no matter how long you hover the cursor in the right place.

ProphetX Support » bar display question Jan 31, 2009 02:28 PM (Total replies: 4)

I'm a new subscriber. I really like the daily and intraday holiday handling but on the cme emini 'ES' there seems to be an error:

There is a session break at 15.15 - 15.30 which is skipped correctly in the bar display but the 16.30 - 17.00 break is not skipped. Blank minute bars are appearing when they are not part of a trading session.

Also, is there a way to turn off 'dragging' completely on a chart? It is too easy when trying to adjust a line study to miss and drag the chart. This then messes up the auto scaling on the Y axis and I frequently have to reopen the Y axis properties and untick Minimum and Maximum (to restore auto scaling) along with reinputting custom Major Unit and Minor Unit options, which are also put out. (Much bigger grab points on line studies would also help.)

Last question, it is not critical but is there a way to have hourly bars start at the top of the hour rather than on the half hour?

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